Whether you wish to progress a career in motorsport or enjoy the great family atmosphere at 250 plus club events each year, KartSport offers exciting and affordable motorsport for everyone to enjoy. There are KartSport classes to suit anyone from 6 years to 66 years.


  • Annual unlimited Practice
  • Annual Trailer Site
  • Annual Pit Shelters on first come basis
  • Prizes and Trophies
  • Family Membership $243.00
  • Senior Membership (15 years & competing in senior class) $232.00
  • Junior Membership (under 15 years & competing in junior class) $138.00
  • Social Membership (Non Racing) $45.00


This is the Kartsport New Zealand competition licence application form. Please note that each application must be made on a separate form.



For the sake of clarity, If there is only one participant in a class and he or she has met the criteria of the Championship Rules, he or she will be the Club Champion in that class and should not be disadvantaged due to lack of other competitors.
Club Trophies will be awarded to all Junior Classes and Keepsake Trophies awarded to the top three competitors in each class. The committee reserves the right to award Keepsake trophies through to 6th place for Junior Competitors at it’s discretion.

Club Trophies will be awarded to all Senior Classes. The committee will also consider Keepsake Trophies for Senior Classes if there is demand.

Trophies will be awarded at the end of year November Prize Giving that will follow completion of the November Club Day.

Club Trophies may be taken home but must be returned to the Club by the following February Club Day. They must remain in the Club’s possession from February until the next Prize Giving. The reasons for this are for engraving purposes and importantly to ensure winners actually receive their trophy at the next Prize Giving.

In determining the award of trophies, consideration and reference of the Clubs listed ‘Values’ have been considered.

The Clubs Values are:

  • Continuing recognition of our Hawke’s Bay Karting heritage
  • Encouragement of excellence and realisation of achievement
  • Integrity, ethical conduct and safety
  • Unity and harmony and respect of all stakeholders
  • Effective and transparent communication
  • Fun


  • These rules supersede all previous KSHB club championship rules
  •  To be considered an ‘eligible driver’ in respect to the club championships you must:
    • Be a fully paid up member of Kartsport Hawke’s Bay throughout the club championship
    • Have competed in a minimum of 6 rounds of the club championship without being disqualified from those rounds.
  • Club championships will be held in the following classes:
    • Cadet-Rok
    • Mini-Rok
    • Rotax Max Junior
    • Clubsport 120
    • Briggs & Stratton
    • Rotax Max Senior – Light
    • Rotax Max Senior – Heavy
    • Open
  • There will be 2 club championships in each class:
    • Sprint champion
    • GP champion
  • The club championships will be run over 7 rounds on the following club days in the nominated race direction:
    • Round 1             25 February                     Anti-Clockwise
    • Round 2             25th March                       Clockwise
    • Round 3             29th April                          Anti-Clockwise
    • Round 4             27th May                           Clockwise
    • Round 5             29th July                           Clockwise
    • Round 6             30th September               Anti-Clockwise
    • Round 7             25th November                Clockwise
  • The senior classes will combine for their G.P. race but still compete for their individual class G.P. championship
  • Championship points for each round will be awarded by way of Standard KSNZ negative point system e.g.
    •  1st place = 1 point
    • 2nd place = 2 points
    • 3rd place = 3 points
    • etc
    • Non-participation in a round = field plus 5 points
    • Disqualification from the round = field plus 5 points
    • Non-KSHB members will be ignored in the points allocation for the purposes of the club championship
  • Each eligible driver is allowed to drop their worst (highest points) round, this includes one non-participation round but not a round where the eligible driver received a disqualification from the round.
  • Each eligible driver will be allocated points in 6 rounds of the championship, this includes a maximum of 1 non – competition or DQ round.
  • The eligible driver who has accumulated the lowest number of points over their best 6 rounds of the club championships will be the winner of each championship and be acknowledged as the ‘club champion’ in that class in either the sprint or G.P. championship. 2nd place will be the eligible driver who has the next lowest number of points etc
  • Ties will be determined using KSNZ rules.
  • Trophies for each confirmed class will go down to 3rd place, but the committee retains the right to award trophies down to sixth place for Junior Classes where it sees fit. Please see Trophy page.
  • The race day format will be:
    • Sprint Championship (first 6 rounds except November CIK round)
      • 5 heats. 4 heats of predetermined grid draws, 5th heat grid to be based on results in the previous 4 heats. Drop your worst heat
    • Sprint Championship November (round 7) will be CIK format and Points awarded based on the Final only
      • 1 x 10 minutes Qualifying heat, 2 heats with points to determine final grid, Final
    • GP championship: Random grid draws.
  • In all championship heat formats ‘X’ plated drivers are to start from the rear of the filed
  • The number of laps for sprint races are to be determined on the day, depending on class sizes and the time available.
  • G.P. races in each round will be the sprint race length for that round plus up to 6 laps as time allows.

The Club Championship Prize Giving & the Xmas function will be held following the completion of the final round on the 25th November. All members, officials, sponsors and families are warmly encouraged to attend.


As we are all aware Tyres can be an expensive part of Karting.

If any particular class is in full agreement, they may at their own discretion implement their own tyre policy over the Club Championship series.

  • For Example if  Junior Rotax Max unaminously wish to restrict the number of sets of tyres over the 7 rounds then it is up to them to set and police their own policy. There will be no recourse on the committee to any disputes.

This year, with the exception of the Ray Wilson and Johnny Harrison Trophy’s, all Club Enduro Championships will all be held on October 28th Club Day.

The Club Enduro Day will be run in accordance to the following format:

  • 1 X Tuning Run (5minutes)
  • 2 X Qualifying heats (10 laps each)
  • 1 X Final (total laps being dependent on class)

The starting grid position will be based on the best lap time of either of the two qualifying heats.


  • Senior
  • Junior Rotax Max
  • Vortex Mini-Rok
  • Cadet Rok

The Ray Wilson Memorial Senior GP will be run on the 29th April 2018.

The Johnny Harrison Memorial Senior GP will be run on the 29th July 2018.


a. KartSport New Zealand Rules apply with the addition of the following rules.

b. An Official Timekeeper shall be appointed.

c. A minimum of one pit stop for refuelling is required during the race.

d. The maximum amount of fuel to be carried before the race start shall be:

  • 5 litres for Senior
  • 5 litres for Junior Rotax
  • 2 litres for Mini Rok
  •  500 ml for Cadet Rok

All competitors shall fuel their karts with the designated amount in front of a club official and held in the refuelling area prior to the start of the race.

e. An Official shall be appointed to monitor refuelling procedures.

f. A Fire Marshall shall be appointed and remain in the refuelling area with a minimum of two fire extinguishers readily available for use.

g. One driver per kart.

h. A maximum of two pit crew are allowed in addition to the driver per kart.

i. Karts shall proceed to their refuelling/service area in the hot lane at a slow speed.

j. Pit crew and all their equipment must remain behind the hot lane fence until their kart has stopped.

k. Drivers must get out of the kart BEFORE the refuelling /servicing process commences.

l. A minimum of amount of fuel to be added to the Kart’s fuel tank is:

  • 2 Litres of fuel for Senior
  • 1 Litre of fuel for Junior Rotax Max
  • 500 ml for Mini-Rok
  • 500 ml for Cadet-Rok

m. All work is to be carried out in the refuelling/servicing area. Any fuel spills must be cleaned up before the kart leaves the area and re-joins the race.

n. The chequered flag will be presented at the end of the race at which the total race time will be represented below:

  • 1 hour for Seniors
  • 30 minutes for Junior Rotax
  • 20 minutes for Mini Rok
  • 15 minutes for Cadet Rok

o. The winner will be the kart that has completed the most number of laps when the chequered flag is displayed.

p. All drivers must hold a current KartSport New Zealand Competition Licence and be a financial member of a Club. A one day licence is not acceptable.

q. In the event of a race stoppage the field will restart in the positions held on the previous completed lap. Any kart in the hot lane being refuelled or serviced at the time of the race stoppage will be required to complete another pit stop in the hot lane after the race is restarted.