The Committee of KSHB is charged with running the club within the framework of the Constitution.

The current committee consists of:

  • John van den Berk (President)
  • Alan McNicol (Vice President)
  • Kirsty Bewley (Secretary)
  • Debbie Anderson (Treasurer)
  • Steve Halpin (Club Captain)
  • Charles Whyte
  • Paul Aston
  • Willie Pearson

Officers of the Club

  • Mark Jenkinson (Patron)
  • Debbie Anderson (Race Secretary)
  • Bruce Cawood (Pit Steward)
  • Sheree Todd (Starter)
  • Shaun Hibbs (Bar)
  • Monique Murphy (Kitchen)

Race Officials

  • Laurie Lester
  • Lance Hickey
  • Brian Richards

Additionally we are very grateful to the following people who help make it all happen:

  • Lucy Holland, Jo Aston and Anna Whyte (Clubhouse)
  • Pat Moore and Murray Bell (Mowing)