About Us

We are an affiliated club of KartSport New Zealand and promote kart racing in a safe and friendly environment.

We have a rich history spanning some 50 years and provide year round practice and racing. Club Days generally occur on the last Sunday of each month and offer a mix of both Sprint and Endurance Racing.

We consider ourselves as a family fun club and a nursery for motorsport excellence.

Please use this website to familiarise yourself with our Club especially in regard to our Health and Safety requirements that both members and visitors must observe.

We look forward to welcoming visitors and potential new members.


“To grow the Karting Community in Hawke’s Bay”


Through our people we will:

  • Provide a fun, high quality and cost effective racing environment representative of KartSport standards
  • Continue to recognise and celebrate the heritage of Hawke’s Bay Karting
  • Continue to develop Hawke’s Bay Karting to ensure the preservation and prosperity for present and future generations
  • Provide inclusive hospitality and quality facilities for our members, sponsors, and visitors
  • Maximise financial returns from our operations for the long-term benefit of the Club and its stakeholders


  • Continuing recognition of our Hawke’s Bay Karting heritage
  • Encouragement of excellence and realisation of achievement
  • Integrity, ethical conduct and safety
  • Unity and harmony and respect of all stakeholders
  • Effective and transparent communication
  • Fun


The current committee consists of

  • John van den Berk (President)
  • Trudy Stowe (Secretary)
  • Gerard Hickey (Treasurer)
  • Alan Mcnichol (Vice President)
  • Steve Halpin (Club captain)
  • Mark Holland (Vice club Captain)
  • Paul Aston (Have a go Karts)
  • Jacob Smith
  • Jonathan Henning

Officers of the Club

  • Mark Jenkinson (Patron)
  • Debbie Anderson (Race Secretary)
  • Bruce Cawood (Pit Steward)
  • Sheree Todd (Starter)
  • Shaun Hibbs (Bar)
  • Monique Murphy (Kitchen)

Race Officials

  • Laurie Lester
  • Lance Hickey
  • Brian Richards
  • Bill Reid

Additionally we are very grateful to the following people who help make it all happen:

  • Lucy Holland, Jo Aston and Anna Whyte (Clubhouse)
  • Pat Moore and Murray Bell (Mowing)