As we start to kick back into to New Year please see below notices for your information:

Purpose: Fun Day
Vintage Karters: very welcome to attend
Cost: $20
Start time: 2pm
BBQ: the Club will put on a BBQ of sausages, patties, chips. Please bring a salad or sweet to share.
KITCHEN: the kitchen will not be open but non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase during the day from the chiller by the dummy grid.

You will all be aware that from the 1st of January a new tyre contract came into force.
l’ve had one or two enquiries from competitors about how this is to transition from the old contract tyres to the new contract tyres, THERE IS NO TRANSITION PERIOD!
All karts yours included, must comply with your individual class rules at all times, this includes any practice, fun or competition days.
Be guided by the rules, read the top section of Rule L3.5, 1/1/2017, it clearly states the KSNZ position then go to Section C9.4, item 4 and then C9.4.2.2, there's no wriggle room it's right up there with illegal fuel!
To avoid unnecessary embarrassment and difficulty for yourself, your tyres must comply with the rules for your class, no exceptions.
If you turn up to the Club with last years tyres you cannot go on the track, the vintage karters will be happy to use your old tyres though.
It's always awkward when a new contract takes effect but the rules are the rules regardless of our personal opinions.

The other item that needs particular attention at the beginning of the year is your helmet, not just its condition and its standard compliance but also the date of the helmet’s manufacture.
Each complying helmet has the date of manufacture in or on it, you should know where it is and be able to show it to the official when requested.
Make sure that your helmet is less than 10 years old! Read Rule G2, don’t wait until you get to the track to find it doesn’t comply!
If your helmet doesn’t meet the standards it will not get a KSNZ sticker and cannot be used for kart racing.
Mum, Dad and Senior karters please make sure that the helmet fits properly, ie. that it’s not too big we don’t want it coming off in a sudden stop, see G2.

Finally understand the Rules of KartSport they’re always up to date and easily accessible on the KartSport website.
The volunteer KSNZ officials, Race and Technical, are there to ensure compliance on your behalf so that there is as level a playing field as possible for everyone.
They are a knowledgeable resource for your Club and are always happy to help with any rule interpretations, etc.

Have a great year of kart racing


If you have any suggested Rule Changes can you please submit these to by 31 January.

[KARTSPORT HAWKES BAY (HB Karting Club) 50th REUNION - Incorporating VKNZ 2nd New Zealand Vintage Kart Prix
17-19 March 2017]

Booking Sheet for the upcoming 50th Reunion of our Club was sent out by email.
There is a lot happening and we would love to see you all involved in some way to help celebrate our Club.

Raffles – we would like to run some raffles over this weekend. If you can help out with product or service for this can you please let us know.

11th March
29th April
26th August

Can you please return all trophies to the Club Rooms by the February Club Day so that we can have these engraved with 2015 winners.

Please ensure that non-ksnz licence holders are required to complete Indemnity Forms. These can be found in the glass notice board on the side of the Tech Shed. Please pin completed forms back into the glass notice board for our collection.
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4 days ago

Please note these dates in your diary for our Club Days, special races etc...

January 28th [Saturday] Twilight meeting/Fun Day [no pts] 2pm start

February 25th [Saturday] Twilight meeting
March 26th
April 30th
May 28th Ray Wilson Memorial Senior GP
June 25th Johnny Harrison Mem Snr GP
July 30th Cadet/Mini Rok Enduro
August No Club Day
September 24th Junior Rotax Enduro
October 29th Senior Enduro
November 25th/26th TBC Club Champs ???
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4 weeks ago

Thank you to our avid supporters!